Torinoumi Fureai Market

Before the tsunami, Torinoumi was lined with shops and booths. Although the number of establishments has decreased, activity is returning and is centered on the Torinoumi Fureai Market. If you want to check out specialty products and souvenirs, this is definitely the place to go.

Seasonal seafood and farm products are here.
An at-home direct sales outlet

A direct sales outlet stands in front of the Torinoumi fishing port. The building is not large, but the cars of tourists and local residents are always coming and going, and you should be able to find it quickly.


The shop is packed with seasonal farm products and specialty products. Deep red strawberries from January through spring, harakomeshi in autumn, and hokkimeshi in winter. You will find specialties brought in by producers from all around town, and you can enjoy discovering new items as you shop.


The catch of the day is another enjoyment. You will also find original ice cream and other items not available elsewhere.

Overview of Facilities

Address 6-22 Chikkodori, Arahama-aza, Watari, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture 989-2311
TEL 0223-35-2228
Hours April–October: 9:00–18:00
November–March: 9:00–17:00
Parking 100 spaces
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