Wadaiko drum experience in Watari

Yurikan, adjacent to Watari Station (JR East)
Yurikan, adjacent to Watari Station (JR East)

Hosting facilities: Yurikan, Yuri Park

140 Nishigo, Wataricho-aza, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture 989-2351

The castle-like building on the east side of Watari Station on the JR Joban Line is known as Yurikan. Opened in 1994, its first floor is a local history museum and the second floor a library, serving as a base for highlighting the culture of Watari. The fifth-floor observation hall offers a view of the town. Visitors can also see the Pacific Ocean to the east and Mt. Zao to the west.

Overview of the experience

A tie-up with Watalis, which works to hand down and communicate the regional culture of Watari, including FUGURO, using kimono fabric. Guests will receive original hand protectors made from WATALIS kimono fabric to commemorate their visits. Put on your favorite hand protectors and beat the wadaiko drum to your heart’s content with Tabidaiko.

The drum is said to be the first musical instrument created by humans. Experience music that goes beyond words to connect people. Take a photo or video of your wadaiko performance experience as a keepsake memory. Children and adults alike can enjoy this program.

Watalis makes one-of-a-kind Japanese accessories made by upcycling old kimono fabric. The hand protectors are sure to be a memory of your visit.

Tabidaiko is a wadaiko drumming group launched with a focus on young members. “We look forward to hearing from you!”

What can be learned from this experience?

  • Learn about Tabidaiko
  • Learn about the wadaiko drum
  • Learn performance techniques through the wadaiko drum performance experience
  • Learn about Watari
  • Learn about Watalis


  • People interested in Japanese music
  • People interested in Japanese accessories and kimonos
  • Persons who want to actively experience Japanese culture

Details of the experience program

Offered by GM7 Inc.
Number of persons 3 to 20 (consultation available)
Target age Age 6 or older
Content Performance appreciation, wadaiko drum lesson, wadaiko performance experience, commemorative photo, video shooting (with customers’ cameras, etc.)
*Includes rental of drumsticks and happi coats.
Time required Approximately 1 to 2 hours (consultation available)
Suggested schedule 10:56 Arrival at JR Watari Station (from direction of Sendai Station)
11:00 Meet up in front of entrance to Yurikan
11:00–11:10 Self-introductions, explanation of wadaiko, Watari, WATALIS
11:10–11:25 Watch wadaiko drum performance
11:25–11:55 Wadaiko drum lesson
11:55–12:05 Wadaiko drum performance
12:05–12:10 Commemorative photo
12:10–12:25 Interaction/Free time
12:37 Departure from JR Watari Station (toward Sendai)
Clothing/What to bring Comfortable clothing
Fee 8,000 yen (excluding tax) per person
How to apply Please inquire by e-mail to info@gm7.jp (Reservation representative: Hamano, GM7 Inc.) *Please include the applicant’s name and phone number in the e-mail text so the representative can reply.
Payment method Payment on site in cash (Credit cards and cashless payments not accepted.)
Cancellation policy Same-day: 100%
Day before: 80%
2 to 9 days in advance: 20%
10 days or more in advance: no charge
Contact desk on day of experience GM7 Inc. (Hamano) TEL: 080-6037-0144
Related site GM7 Inc. https://gm7.jp/