Forest development work experience for coastal forest restoration

Before the disaster, Watari had approximately 120 hectares of Japanese black pine coastal forest. We hope to regenerate this abundant forest, which has long supported the lives and agriculture of local residents. In line with that wish, this program assists with tree management through the Watari Green Belt Project that engages in ongoing activities.

A new specialty of Watari! Peanut harvest experience /September to October

To sustain the coastal forest restoration project, stable sources of income are required. Peanuts are expected to serve as a foothold for the organization’s self-support. In this program, you can try your hand at harvesting peanuts, which are expected to become a new specialty product of Watari.

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Experience making accessories from kimono fabric in a cafe (two-way button badge)

Watalis works to upcycle old kimonos into cute accessories. In this workshop, choose your favorite fabric from the colorful kimonos and create a one-of-a-kind button badge.

Experience making accessories from kimono fabric in a cafe (kimono key holder)

Kimono patterns are imbued with people’s wishes. Good health, good luck, protection from evil spirits, improvement of skills, and so forth. Learning the meanings behind the showy patterns also leads to knowing the wearers’ wishes for happiness. Encounter the history of Watari while making a key holder from kimono fabric.

Wadaiko drum experience in Watari

Watalis is active in the tsunami-damaged town of Watari. Tabidaiko, based in the town of Marumori, was damaged by flooding in a typhoon. In this program, two organizations have collaborated; recovery and revitalization are their keywords.