When was the last time you had strawberries from Watari? Strawberries were a specialty of Watari before the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the industry has rebounded from the disaster, becoming even more prosperous. Sweet and sour gems created through the spirit of farmers, their deliciousness will keep your hands moving.

You can’t stop at just one more!
A red specialty product that overcame the tsunami.

Most of Watari’s strawberry farms were completely destroyed by the tsunami.

Soil cultivated through the years for growing sweet strawberries was damaged by salt, and, for a time, many people were ready to give up cultivation. However, thanks to the voices and support of people who wanted to enjoy Watari strawberries, young people in particular have resumed cultivating the fruit.

With the introduction of new cultivation methods, such as the elevated bench method that allows cultivation even with small amounts of soil, more and more powered-up strawberries are being shipped. Among these, the variety known as Mouikko has an exquisite balance of sweetness and tartness! They can be purchased at direct sales outlets and can be picked at hands-on experience facilities from January to May.

Experience a deliciousness that will keep your hands reaching for more.