Forest development work experience for coastal forest restoration

Creating a new forest for Watari with our own hands.
Experience work aimed at coastal forest restoration.

Before the disaster, Watari had approximately 120 hectares of Japanese black pine coastal forest. We hope to regenerate this abundant forest, which has long supported the lives and agriculture of local residents. In line with that wish, this program assists with tree management through the Watari Green Belt Project that engages in ongoing activities.

With volunteers, the Watari Green Belt Project has planted more than 42,000 trees. Now, nearly 10 years after the earthquake, the project is moving from the stage of planting coastal forest to that of nurturing it. In this program, people help with the maintenance and replanting of trees on embankments near the coast, as well as tasks such as grass cutting.

Currently, the trees being nurtured in the new coastal forests include conifers, mainly Japanese black pine, as well as jolcham oak and camellia. Plans include improvements, such as promenades and benches, to create places where people can gather and talk.

The people of Watari once harvested mushrooms and pine cones from the coastal forests, and the forest was a part of their lives. Come and take part in efforts to regenerate the forest lost to the tsunami; Oraho no Mori is a forest that will be proudly handed down to our descendants 100 years from now.

*Depending on the weather, work may consist of managing seedlings in the greenhouse.

A tree-planting experience carried out with local volunteers. Groups applying for the experience can optionally install a plate as shown in the photo.

There are also plans for “foster parents” to grow Japanese black pine seedlings at their homes and plant the seedlings in the coastal forest after they have grown to some degree. Personal names will appear on the name tags.

The trees may not appear impressive now, but they are growing little by little. Seeing the steady growth of the forest you have tended is a part of enjoying the program.

What can be learned from this experience?

  • The history of coastal forests and people’s lives
  • Tree planting and management methods for creating new forests
  • The current state of organizations working on reconstruction

Recommended for

  • People interested in coastal forests and the natural environment
  • People who want to let children experience nature
  • People who want to take on volunteer activities

Details of the experience program

Offered by NPO Watari Green Belt Project
Description of the plan In the coastal forest (new embankments) managed by the Watari Green Belt Project, participants assist with the maintenance and replanting of trees, as well as tasks such as cutting grass in the planted area. Depending on the weather, work may consist of managing seedlings in the greenhouse.
Requirements for participation Age 6 or older
What to bring Long-sleeved top, long trousers, towel, and hat
Fee 5,000 yen (tax not included) per person
Included in the fee Work experience fee, seedling fee, equipment rental, and drink for hydration
Meeting place Watari Green Belt Project Office (306-16 Yoshida Azahara, Watari)
Time required Approximately 1.5 hours
Schedule 1. Introduction to activities
2. Forest creation work experience
3. Tour of the seawall

Please inquire about reservations by e-mail to Alternately, apply through the form below. (The reservation will be complete when the reservation confirmation reply, made by e-mail or telephone, has been received by the applicant.) Replies will be made on business days. Extra time is required for applications made on a holiday or nonbusiness day. Thank you for your understanding.

Reservable dates

Dates five business days or later from the date of reservation can be requested.
*Business days are days excluding holidays and nonworking days.

Cancellation policy 3 to 5 days in advance: 20% of the fee
2 days in advance: 50% of the fee
Same day: 100% of the fee
Support for overseas guests Support is available if accompanied by interpreters.
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Experience program application form


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