Autumn in Watari means harakomeshi! This is a local dish with plentiful cuts of salmon and roe on soy sauce-flavored rice steeped in salmon broth. Sample a local flavor popularized by Date Masamune.

Even the famous samurai lord loved it!
Rustic cuisine going back hundreds of years

The season for harakomeshi is from September to November. When fresh autumn salmon becomes available, the people of Watari all make harakomeshi. Flavored uniquely by every home and restaurant, harakomeshi has a traditional and mild taste. The delicious harmony of flavor-steeped salmon cuts and bursting harako (salmon roe) keep chopsticks moving.


Harakomeshi has been made since the Edo period. According to legend, Date Masamune, who came to observe Watari, was so impressed with the taste that he introduced it to the people around him and made it widely known. Come and try the taste of a rustic dish that even Masamune agreed with.