Watari Onsen Torinoumi

Soak in an open-air bath and look over the Pacific Ocean . . .
Such paradise-like spots do exist! Relax in the hot springs, enjoy a leisurely stay overnight and watch the stars from your room, relax in a day bath, or spend time in a restaurant overlooking the coast. Spend time as you like in Watari.

Awake or asleep, the view is superb!
Overnight stay at Watari Onsen Torinoumi

To learn all about the charms of Watari, the daytime alone is not enough. Enjoy a leisurely overnight stay and gaze at the calm, starry sky, before watching the morning sun rise from the sea. You will surely feel the nature-rich and relaxed beauty of Watari.

The perfect place for such a stay is Watari Onsen Torinoumi. From the spacious open-air bath where a hot spring flows, you can look out over the magnificent horizon of the Pacific Ocean. As you soak in the open-air bath, you will feel embraced by the sea.

Open-air bath
Open-air bath


Not only the open-air bath offers a view of the sea, step into the restaurant, and you will gasp at its panoramic views.


Enjoy the hometown tastes of Watari and Miyagi as you gaze at the Pacific Ocean and the port of Torinoumi. Each season, a Japanese menu with elegant and mild tastes is offered.


During breakfast hours, you may be able to watch the sun rise from the sea.

You can also view the sea and harbor from your room. At night, you can go out on the veranda and look up at the starry sky. Enjoy a quiet and peaceful night that cannot be found in the city.

Pacific view, Japanese/Western room with bed
Pacific view, Japanese/Western room with bed

Watari Onsen Torinoumi offers not only stays and day-trip bathing but also a day-trip plan that bundles a private room and lunch. Use the inn as you like, according to your travel plans.

Overview of Facilities

Address 41-2 Chikkodori, Arahama-aza, Watari, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture 989-2311
TEL Watari Onsen Torinoumi

Hotel Sakan Reservation Center

10:00–20:00 (reception until 19:30)

Bathing fee Adults (junior high school student or older): 700 yen
Children: 250 yen
Small children: Free
Room rate Please inquire directly.
Parking Available
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