Okuma Fureai Center

Peeking into supermarkets at your destination is another pleasure of traveling. For a sense of that feeling in Watari, head to the Okuma Fureai Center. At the direct sales outlet operated by JA Miyagi Watari, you can find not only vegetables picked that morning but also foodstuffs prepared by local residents.

A place to encounter the local foods found on the home dining tables of Watari.

Entering the store, you will first see displays of locally harvested fresh vegetables. Through the vegetables and fruits that arrive daily, you can feel the passion of the producers and the changes of the seasons.


As you look toward the back of the shop, you will find bento lunch boxes and side dishes made by local housewives: sweets, rice cakes, harakomeshi, and other hometown cooking. Here, you can truly buy a taste of home.


There are also foodstuffs, such as tofu and miso, similar to a supermarket, and local people often visit the facility. Finding products unique to Watari and Miyagi and buying them to take home may be another highlight of your visit.

Overview of Facilities

Address 99 Okuma-aza, Watari, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture, 989-2385
TEL 0223-34-9687


Regular holidays January 1-3
Parking 50 spaces

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