Tour of a cosmetics plant supporting the beauty industry in Japan

Overcoming the tsunami and recovering, a plant in Watari supports made-in-Japan cosmetics.

Do you know where the cosmetics you use every day are made? They may have been made here at the plant in Watari! Take a plant tour for adults at Cosmetic Aida, a general cosmetics manufacturer.

Based in Watari, Cosmetic Aida is a manufacturer that creates a variety of cosmetics, from skin care to makeup products. The company also handles many famous Japanese cosmetics brands and is renowned for its high technological capabilities.


Its original cosmetics brand, Butaiya, boasts the top market share in Japan for professional cosmetics used in television and movies. Much of the fake blood and scarring seen in television suspense dramas is created using Cosmetic Aida makeup products.


This program offers a guided tour of the Cosmetic Aida Watari Plant.


Cosmetic Aida suffered heavy damage from the tsunami. You can also learn about disaster preparedness measures from the experience. Another feature of the company is that it creates work environments friendly to women and creates employment for local women. Come and learn about the determination of a company with its roots in the region and its sights set on the world.

Learn about the company’s thorough hygiene management, streamlining, determination concerning employment, and more, as you listen to attentive guides.

In front of the packaging room

Hand washing and disinfection room

A stylish factory suddenly appears amid the countryside area of Watari. From here, classic cosmetics are born.

Makeup professionals have loved Butaiya for more than 30 years. The company’s cosmetics, used for scarring or other special makeup looks, are said to be nearly all made to order.
Click here for details on the professional makeup firm Butaiya.

Original products born from industry–academia collaboration and utilizing technology from Cosmetic Aida. An extravagant formulation not found in conventional cosmetics.

We look forward to meeting you!

What can be learned from this experience?

  • Processes for the creation of cosmetics
  • How to identify good cosmetics
  • Disaster prevention in the plant and BCP
  • Employment of and activity by women

Recommended for

  • People interested in beauty and cosmetics
  • Persons who have an interest in stage makeup
  • Persons who want to learn about BCP

Details of the experience program

Provider Cosmetic Aida Co., Ltd.
Fee No fee for participation
Meeting place Front of the Miyagi main plant entrance 42-4 Doda, Okumakoya, Watari, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture 989-2324
TEL: 0223-23-0070
Parking Customer parking is available (Contact us in advance if arriving by bus)
Time required Approximately 1 hour
Schedule 1、Overview of the business
2、Plant tour
Support for overseas guests Support is available if accompanied by interpreters
Reservations Please make a reservation through the form below. (The reservation will be complete when the reservation confirmation reply, made by e-mail or telephone, has been received by the applicant.) Replies will be made on business days. Extra time is required for applications made on a holiday or nonbusiness day. Thank you for your understanding.
Reservable dates Dates five business days or later from the date of reservation can be requested.
*Business days are days excluding holidays and nonworking days.
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